Danny Ebanks

Danny Ebanks

Political Methodology, Statistics, Machine Learning, American Politics

Aborton Rights are on the 2024 Ballot

Research that we just published in PLOS ONE suggests that the evidence we have from the 2022 midterms shows that Biden’s path to victory likely necessitates that his campaign focus on a key issue — abortion.

Tensor-Based Implementation for Joint Sentiment Topic Modeling

Methods for Large Scale Text Data

Republicans perceive scientists are Democrats, but they can be persuaded to be more trustful of scientific findings

Americans perceive latent partisanship of scientists, and this influences their trust in scientific findings.

If a Statistical Model Predicts That Common Events Should Occur Only Once in 10,000 Elections, Maybe it’s the Wrong Model

Statistical description is not anything goes. Important quantities of interest arise from generatively accurate models— which inform our understanding of American democracy.

Persuadable voters decided the 2022 midterm

Abortion rights and issues-based frameworks for elections