Danny Ebanks

About Me

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I am a Postdoctoral Fellow for IQSS at Harvard. I recently earned my PhD at Caltech in Quantitative Social Sciences, where I developed my research interests in Political Methodology, American Politics, and Congress. I study how to innovate on statistical methods, machine learning and natural language processing to understand American politics. In particular, I have worked on applications to political parties and representation in the U.S. Congress, congressional elections, trust in scientists, the interaction of fossil fuel companies and climate-focused IGOs/NGOs, and collective action movements such as MeToo. I also work on developing tensor-based methods for latent variable models, in addition to understanding applications for latent variable models to studying U.S. legislatures at the federal and state level.

Outside of research, Iā€™m an avid runner, traveler, and always looking for oppurtunities to brush up on my French!